Should be a supersensitive microphone but is more functional as an esthetic object.
I build the hypermic as part of a performance / installation for PAMFLAT magazine launch in 2008.

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Is a hybrid instrument of a 90' Fender Stratocaster and a arduino based cracklebox. I build the crackletar during a musichackday weekend at Mediamatic in spring 2010. dinggoo played the Crackletar on several occacions.

10 mtrs of tape

10 meters of tape which contains a recording of my voice repeatedly speaking the sentence "10 meters of tape" until the tape runs out. This piece is not a sound piece. 2006.

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Synth hacks

Benjolin Synthesizer

For-end / Back-end

For-end / Back-end is a sound installation that reflects on the noisy space I created in the fall of 2010 inside and outside the Bijlmer flat i lived at the time. Sounds picked up at the back of the flat (Back-end) by a self made microphone are filtered and processed with noise cancelation software and transferred to a self made speaker at the front of the flat. Sounds being produced at the front of the Flat (For-end) are also picked up by a microphone and transferred to a speaker at the back.
With this 'transference of sounds' a feedback-loop is produced that works like a 'filter' which sucks-up sounds surrounding the flat into it's system.